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Our luxury, vintage-inspired men's grooming products are crafted with premium ingredients and unique aromas. We offer beard care and shaving supplies, hair styling essentials, body washes, deodorants and more. Enhance your grooming experience with hair and body care products made especially for gentlemen.

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Spirit of Masculinity

Raise a glass—or a bottle—to toast our American heritage and the hardworking men of today. We celebrate the spirit of masculinity by empowering men to be who they aspire to be.

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Rough or refined. Dirty or clean. Messy or neat. Elevate your look with top shelf men’s grooming & personal care products used by professionals and individuals alike. 

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Inspired by American Prohibition

Prohibition was rife with bootleggers, trouble, and fun. Our unique, giftable packaging and bespoke scents call back to the era of speakeasies and juice joints. 

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"The 18.21 Man Made Wash is the best body wash hands down! Its lingering aroma lasts all day. Definitely worth the price, and I highly recommend the 64 oz container. It will last awhile, and you'll smell fresh every time you shower." - Dakotah


"This is by far my favorite product from 18.21 Man Made. This paste smells amazing and application is easy breezy. Rub a little in your hands and run it through. I usually keep a disheveled look with medium long hair and this paste somehow manages to find my natural curls and holds them. I get compliments all day in elevators and close encounters. Of all the products I have used from 18.21 Man Made, this is the product most true to its parfum, which smells amazing. It has a medium hold so no one is running their fingers through crunch; it’ll flow and glide with ease. Ditch the hard, crusty feel of modern day gels and explore the natural texture of your hair. Embellish with the scent but capture the style that naturally settles. Embrace yourself." - Alfonso


"Well, my first bottle is 3/4 empty so I got another. I was a bit worried that Man Made had changed or weakened the formula. What was I thinking? It's as awesome as ever in scent, projection and silage! Is it Tom Ford? Nope, for the money it's better. I've seen some reviewers on various platforms say this is a fall winter fragrance. Nope, but it can be if you only wear it then :-( This is great all the time :-) The scent is great.The bottle is great.The packaging is great.The company is superb. I never thought my Fahrenheit would have an equal in my "gotta smell awesome" heart. It does, now. Plus this is WAY easier to get than 87-93 vintage Fahrenheit. I recommend this highly. Also, the chics dig it, too." - Arthur


"I absolutely love what the Wax does for my fine and hard to control hair. It adds intense volume and control. I have been searching for 2 years for the perfect high end hair product and finally found it. Thanks." - Dan


"This is the best beard balm that I have ever purchased. It works exactly how it's described. I love the spiced vanilla aroma as it pairs well with my sweet tobacco cologne. Perfect for any beard. 18.21 has never let me down and they have set the standard for men's care." - Chris C.

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